What I’ll be doing on Saturday

What I’ll be doing on Saturday


This year Eid more-or-less coincides with Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night. Oh joy (!) – Fireworks ahoy for about ten hours (I’m not kidding).

So, I’ll be knitting whilst listening to podcasts of From Our Own Correspondent.

Mystery Shawl:

I’ve finally finished Clue 2 and I’m about a quarter of the way through Clue 3.

I’ve now seen a complete shawl and that’s given me a little bit of a kick-up-the-posterior to get moving. Although the smell of the yarn (vinegar) makes me feel alternately queezy and hungry.

Is it a bird?

Well, no. But I can’t say what it is just yet. Here’s a little sneek peek:


03-11-05 006

The photo above is one of the front cables. I’m doing a four-stitch garter edging and the cardigan will have a ribbon facing on to which will be sewn press studs. My mum has problems with very fine motor movement in her fingers and so zips are bad, buttons better, press studs best!
Progess is super slow at the moment because I’m increasing 8 stitches every other row and even though it’s aran-weight yarn, it’s still taking some time to complete a single row.
Thanks to Uknitty, I now also know that Arien is Welsh for Frost. Ironic really, becuase my mum doesn’t really “do” Winter!

*The photo is supposed to show me being “ticked” off with the noise, with my earphones in. It just looks like I’m gurning. Typical.
For pictures see this BBC News link. Ahh… what it is to be a Northerner!


2 thoughts on “What I’ll be doing on Saturday

  1. Cardi is looking great already. Are you going to write up a pattern for it?

    Hey you could always change the spelling of “arien” to “arian” in which case it would mean “money” heh heh. Could be fortuituous you never know… specially if you do consider making it a pattern for submission to one of the online mags.

    I want to know what the mystery thing is!


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