The tale of an idiot

The tale of an idiot

Picture the scene; it’s Wednesday morning and I trek down to the village to get my hair beaten back into submission. Forty minutes later, it has succumbed and I traipse off the other end of the village to the haberdashers to buy yarn for “Christmas things”. I buy said yarn (two balls of DK and one ball of aran) and go home. I get home, take the carrier bag out and look at the yarn. I swear (loudly and frequently). I’ve forgotten to buy yarn for the fingerless mittens and scarf set I wanted to make for my neighbour. I swear again. I write myself a reminder to go back down to the village sometime next week. I swear again.

L-R: yarn for Menknit item, yarn for two pairs of Cigar Gloves.

Things that I like:

The fact that my name spelt backwards means “Here” in Welsh.

My Mum’s cardigan:

I have to come up with a better name for it than that, so here are the choices:

Her “true” Elvish name: Lanyare from

All from

Hobbit name Aludda Smallburrow , Princess of the Halflings

Elvin name Cuthien Queen of Lórien

Dwarf name Clylla Zirak

Human name Eowirethien Envinyatar

Wizard name Arien , Lady of the Valar

Since she’s not tall and willowy I don’t think that the elvish names are appropriate, but I do think she’s a bit magic, so I think I’ll call the cardigan “Arien“.

Progress so far (click on the picture for a larger view of the labels):

Books, lovely books:

I got A Gathering of Lace and Loop-d-loop from the library! I think that GOL might have to be “acquired” sometime in the future. There are quite a few patterns that have caught my eye (mainly in the shawls category) and I think I’ll have a mass of the Olive lace weight left over after I’ve finished the mystery shawl.

Loop-d-loop is also really good. I love the riding jacket, the bias fair isle jumper, the slip stitch kilt (as a shawl though), the ballet top and the steek tank (the last two don’t have photos, but Google and there’ll be a ton). I’m not sure if this is a “keeper”, but I can definitely see myself making at least one thing (the steek tank in Rowan Cotton Tape).

Something to brighten my day:

I submitted my “I’m knitting not revising photo” to Uknitty’s competition to commemorate UK knitting week – and I won!

I got four skeins of Louisa Harding Sari Silk yarn:

(complete with lolly and pen)

I’m off to recover from the flu jab I had yesterday and watch Bleak House.

2 thoughts on “The tale of an idiot

  1. Glad you like the yarn,

    Did you know that Arien is the Welsh word for “frost”. Just sticking with the translation thing I thought you may be interested 🙂

    C x


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