EDIT: my image server decided to have a day off (again) so I’m transfering some of my stuff over to Flickr.

That’s right people, I have a finished object!





Probability tank top - back


Please excuse some of the body-only shots. I was having a bad head day!

Pattern: Berroco Caroline Tank Top
Size: I worked it as the smallest size (33″) and with the gauge difference it worked out perfectly to fit around 42-44″.
Yarn: Rowan Cork (discontinued) in Hearten (an already discontinued shade anyway). I used about 7 balls, maybe 6. I started off with 15 balls and knit this with some of it. I used most of what was left.
Needles: US 11 Denise Interchangeables.
Notes: I used probability to determine whether each of the cables would cross front or back. See this post for more details. I wasn’t super happy with the 1/1 rib at the sides, but hey – can’t have everything! There is a mistake in the pattern with the final number of stitches that are left on a holder for the next band (they’ve overestimated).


Here is what I have on the needles right now (a shorter list than I’d thought):

  1. Mystery Shawl 2 [lace]
  2. Amble Socks [texture]
  3. Martha Lace cardigan [lace]
  4. Wendy wools pink lace cardigan (been a WIP since Moses was a lad so it can wait a bit) [lace]
  5. I do shrug (still not cast on for the second half) [lace]

Here’s what I need to start for Christmas/Somebody’s Birthday:

  1. A cable cardigan for my mum [texture]
  2. Something from MenKnit for someone[plain] (no names here, just in case. Wink, wink!)
  3. 2 pairs of Cigar gloves from Knitty.com [plain but with fiddly bits]
  4. A scarf and a pair of fingerless mittens for A Friend. [plain]

I’ve joined the Peaceful Palms KAL over at Nona’s to help me keep motivated with points 3 and 4.

Things I’d like to start (just for me):

  1. Rogue (how long have I been threatening this?) [plain but with complex cables]
  2. Picovioli [plain]
  3. Ubernatural [plain]
  4. Some more socks just for me [1 pair plain for TV knitting & 1 pair interesting for my sanity].

Suppose I’d better crack on then!


4 thoughts on “Eff-Ohh!

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with so many different projects in the works.
    Great job on the tank, I love the color and it looks really nice on. I would imagine it’s pretty warm as a tank and good for the winter.


  2. The tank looks great , lovely warm colour. Your christmas list is way longer than mine good luck!


  3. I lived in Norway for donkey’s years and have a good few knitting contacts there. I’ll ask around and see whether anybody has the booklet you’re after. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the booklets without the yarn 😦


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