Dude – where’s my knit?

Dude – where’s my knit?

An FO?!

In the midst of feeling like something the cat coughed up and not actually remembering anything I studied in the past 9 months, I did this:

10-10-05 001


10-10-05 002


10-10-05 003


Woohoo! Toasty feet ahoy!

Yarn: About 50g of “Pure wool DK” from Texere in Bradford
Needles: size US7 Denise Interchangeables
Pattern: Aunt Alm’s Dorm Boots

That line down the right centre was my experiment with a “K2tog tbl” decrease. Hmm… didn’t really work, did it?

Currently lurving:

This cable and lace pullover(or Le Pull in French – probably) – number 32. Anyone know what yarn weight this is? If it’s a DK/worsted weight I have the perfect yarn in my stash for it.

Randomness in lieu of actual knitting content:

Have you ever noticed that Australian fast bowler Brett Lee:

Looks really like Beavis (from Beavis and Butthead)?

April, can you contact me using the link in the sidebar (called Mail me! under the “Links” label) with your email address please. It didn’t come through with your comment. Communication by leaving comments on other people’s blogs is so time consuming and, as we all know, I am lazy energy frugal.Knitting Amys Knews:Still just the three of us. We’re getting a might lonely, you know. So, if you know an Amy (or an Amie or an Amiee), let her know that yes, there is a knitting (or crochet, or crafting) ring just for us!

I’m not slacking, I’m supporting a cause:

For Uknitty in honour of the UK National Knitting Week:

This is me not revising for my exam on Friday.

TAG, you’re it! Pass this on.



3 thoughts on “Dude – where’s my knit?

  1. Your Dorm boots are great. I’d not seen that pattern before but I am going to bookmark it as it looks like a goodie for using up orphaned balls of yarn

    I hope your exam goes well. On a serious note its probably a good idea to take some time of from cramming and relax with your knitting. Don’t work to hard and I’ll be thinking of you on Friday 🙂


  2. Its remarkable, isn’t it? I mean I know there are more of us out there.. every other person signs their knitting posts -“Amy”.

    We must get them to speak up!



  3. hey, I saw a whole list of knitting Amy’s on the ‘Socktoberfest’ entries, you should do some recruiting from there!

    OR – change it to the Knitting A’s ahahahahaha



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