Martha gets attention (at last)

Martha gets attention (at last)

Do my politics look big in this?

OK, not really politics, because this is a knitting blog and you do not want to hear my opinion on the social structures of another country. So, hurricane relief: you know where to go.


Remember Martha? She’s the cardigan from Rowan International magazine 37 that I started a long time ago. Well, now that my Sockapal2za socks are nearly done (see below) I’ve stopped neglecting her so much and managed to get this far:

Compare this with the last time she made an appearance:

See – progress!

Sockapal2za/Lava Flow socks:

I have toe-age!

Now, all I have to do is learn to graft!

Copper Desert:

Remember the yarn-winding nightmare in the last post? Well, this is the swatch:

Can you see how it biases at the bottom? That’s the result of taking the yarn from the inside of the ball. It put too much twist on it and made it behave like (gets the only spinning book she owns) an engergized single – apparently! So, I switched to the outside of the ball and ended up on 3.25 mm needles.

Looking at the yarn, I think something in stocking stitch, maybe with a simple lace pattern somewhere, will be great. I also get the feeling that the garment will need side seams to stabilize it because it is quite drapey.

Still writing:

My penultimate assignment is done and waiting to be posted. So, just the Oceanography one to do this week and it’s on to revision.

See you later this week (probably). TTFN.

EDIT: the spammers struck, which means I’ve implimented word verification to make sure that it’s a real person on the other end! Sorry about this. It does mean an extra step for you, but no annoying crud in the comments for me.


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