Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

My skein and balling hell:

Tabloid headline aside, in order to transform a skein from Mystical Creation Yarns you need:

  1. An infinitely adjustable swift and/or
  2. Nerves of steel and/or
  3. No sense of danger.

I didn’t have 1, but I did have 2 and 3.

So, after four days of much swearing and untangling I have this:

300805 001

The colour moves from copper, to yellow, peach and khaki green. I love it!

The name for balls I made is “cheeses” – hence the title.

EDITED for Lou: It’s a cotton/rayon mix from Mysical Creation Yarns in “Copper Desert” colourway (or rather colorway, since it’s American!)

Lava Flow/Sockapal2za socks:

I think “slowly but surely” would be a good truism to attach to these socks. I like the pattern and I love the fact that I’m knitting them for someone I’ve never met, but there’s no shaping, no yarn overs, no cabling, just a “slip one purlwise” every five stitches.

Thanks go to Bagpuss for ably modelling the socks! Just in case you think I’m completely mad (you didn’t already?) he is a pyjama case as well as being cute! Plus – no claws to dig into my knitwear!

I’m now just one and a half inches off starting the toe, so I should be finished in time. Good news for my sock pal!


I’ve had the pattern for ages (and the yarn for even longer) and I hope that this will be the year I’ll finally cast on!

The yarn I have is the discontinued Rowan Magpie Tweed in the colourway Jewel. It’s purple with little flecks of red, green and brown in.

My first cardigan:

OK, not really my first cardigan, but it will be the first cardigan I’ve designed wholly from scratch. I’m using Knitting from the Top for the instruction part of it and the Harmony Guide for Aran Stitches for the cables. It will be a saddle-shoulder, round neck cardigan for my mum in a cotton/acrylic yarn from Elann.

Essays galore!

I’ve got a 3000 word infectious disease essay to do this week and then my final, final, ever assignment next week. After that, I’ll collapse in a jibbering heap for two day before starting on my revision. Oh joy.

See you the other side of leishmaniasis!


3 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Those Lava flow socks are looking awesome.
    The new yarn is beautiful too, sorry it was such a beast to ball and wind.

    don’t understand anything about the infectious disease, but yay on being done with school! Have fun with the essay!


  2. Your socks are beautiful and your sock pal is lucky! Your yarn is gorgeous. I love those colors. They are so pretty. Too bad it was such a job to wind them. What is the fiber content? Congratulations on your educational accomplishment.


  3. Can I just say that I was convinced I HAD leishmaniasis when we came back from Jamaica from our wedding-moon? I’m a bit of a hypochondriac at times. Your socks look great, btw!


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