To blog, or not to blog?

To blog, or not to blog?

Well, obviously the answer is: to blog, since this is a blog entry! I’m always reticent to post if I haven’t done anything picture-worthy, but at the same time I don’t like leaving it more than a week without some kind of update. I could always give updates from other peoples blogs I read, but that would just be lazy, no?

Project status

I’ve made very little progress on anything but Mariposa. The socks have moved on a couple of stripes, I’ve not picked up I Don’t in about a week and a half and I think I’ve done about 1 more row on Lotus Blossom.

In lieu of a proper photo (and having been inspired by Grumperina) here is one of the socks being “modeled”.

Now, sock pal, I should apologise that the only thing that has the right diameter was a brown sauce bottle. Be re-assured that the socks will be washed before you get them.


So, I finished the Right Back of Mariposa whilst watching Scream 2 last Sunday. Not a very good idea! Even though I’ve seen it before, I still jumped at all the appropriate points, and I think it might have altered my tension!

I’m now motoring on with the Left Back and so I should have that done by next blog posting.

Six Sox

I have completely scrapped my Chutes & Ladder socks though. I cast on 60 stitches (because the best number for me seems to be 64) and I assumed (!) that the ribbing would stretch enough. Ha! After struggling with sock yarn on 2.5 mm needles and trying to cable with and without a cable needle, I gave up. I think I’ll get my little hands on some 4-ply or DK yarn and try them with that. I’m now just waiting for the next 6 Sox pattern to come on the 1st of August and see if I like that any better (I’m hoping for a simple k/p pattern or lace). Apparently it is best in a non-tweedy plain colour. Hmm….

Random nuttiness

Oh, I must say: Hello new people! The graph below shows what I refer to as “The Alison Spike” on Tuesday and the “Ample Knitters Plateau” on Thursday and Today.

One final thing; the new Vogue Magazine preview is up. It looks interesting. It’s on sale from the 9th of August, so I’ll probably get it from the newsagents around mid-September!

To end on, you may or may not have heard about the statement from the IRA about ending the armed conflict. Politics aside, when I was younger I though that there was this really angry Jewish man running around Northern Ireland! No, really, I am that dumb!


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