A little apology and a lot more knitting

A little apology and a lot more knitting

The apology: the post I made after I came back off holiday did not turn out like I had envisioned it. Whilst sitting in a caravan looking at the Irish Sea I composed several eloquent posts, in my head. I sat down on Friday evening and, instead of a piece of writing Churchillian in style about how we will never surrender to the threat of terrorism, what came out was a lot of anger and a bit of swearing. I know that I’ve lost at least one reader (via Bloglines) and so this apology will, obviously, never reach them. I wanted to say “Sorry” for the way in which I expressed myself, and I give myself a D- for it. I’ll keep the post up, because although it was clumsily expressed, it does indicate my feelings on the matter.

A better expression for all peoples opposed to terrorism is found here:

We’re Not Afraid

Now, back to the knitting (this is a knitting blog, after all). Click on any the photos to view them in all their large, blurry, 3.2 megapixel glory!

Sockapal2-za socks:

I’ve done a garter stitch cuff on this because I plan on doing a garter short row heel and toe (for reasons that will be revealed after the 15th of September!). The cuff rolls when it is not on the leg, but does an admirable job on the leg. (S)he said that they tend to wear “calf-length” socks, more than “ankle-length” socks, but I’ve no ideal how those two vague measurements look. I’ll have to guess, I suppose!

Lotus Blossom Shawl:

I’ve now finished the first repeat of the “blossom” part of the Lotus Blossom. You may be able to see a red lifeline that I had to put in after I’d started knitting from chart 6 instead of chart 5. DOH!

I Don’t Shrug:

Not enough progress to warrant a photo, to be honest! I’ve started on the back portion of it now.


This is the right back of the top. I managed to do two fewer rows in the garter stitch welt than on the front, and this is the back piece that is “public”. I’ll either leave it or pick up and knit two more rows when I’ve finished it. After hearing that the straps were working out a little too big for most peoples taste, I’ll probably alter those as well.

I fully anticipate having finished the right back of Mariposa the next time I post, but that’s probably the only photo-worthy thing I’ll have done. I could also photograph the progress on my oceanography assignment, but it’s not really all that exciting. Or indeed knit-related!



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