Today I have knitting-in-action shots and a magazine review.

But first, I have this:

Now, it’s likely that your reaction will be one of the following:

  1. Ohh, I’ve got that book!
  2. Ohh, I want that book!
  3. Whatever?
  4. Oh no! And I was just beginning to like her as well.

I’ve read all the previous books and like them for what they are (alleged re-makes of homages to Lord of the Rings in a 21st century stylee).

Now for the gooood stuff!

In chronological order: knitting by a Welsh waterfall.

[please note the hat, gloves, raincoat and slightly crazed expression on my face. This is because it was 12 degrees C. I’ve no idea what that is in F, but it should not be that cold in July! Also note that there is no actual knitting in my hands. I forgot. Is this the first incidence of air knitting?]

Knitting on a mountain.

I’m squinting because, although it was hazy, the sun was still shining through. The more astute will notice that I’m wearing Klaralund! Good all season jumper she’s turning out to be.

Knitting on a beach.

This was exactly a week after the waterfall picture and the maximum temperature was 40 degrees C!!!!! So, I didn’t do any actual knitting on the beach because it was too hot! I don’t get Britain’s weather. I really don’t! Face concealed to protect the guilty (Hi Mum!).

Knitting magazine August 2005 review:

  • Beach babe: crochet bikini. Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; no, no, NO!
  • Friendship: a crocheted, beaded bracelet. Actually quite nice and something I’d consider making because I have loads of little beads and charms lying around.
  • Octopus: “fun” fur boa. Oh. My. God.
  • Ship’s Mice: knitted mice. Cute and simple for kids or cats, but you can get a very similar pattern online, and for free (yes, I know that not everyone is connected yet!).
  • Beachcomber: a crocheted poncho. A crocheted poncho – fine. Crocheted flowers – fine. Both together? I don’t even think any one in the 1970’s would have worn this one.
  • Sea Breeze: classic raglan t-shirt with 3 narrow stripes. Really nice and simple T, but could have been better by working it in the round (top down or bottom up). Seaming tiny raglans ain’t fun.
  • Iris: two-colour knitted bag. I’m still undecided about knitted bags – evil or lovely? This one is nice enough and the flower embellishment could be used on it’s own.
  • Coral: sleeveless keyhole top. Cropped (again) and two clashing colours. Everything seems fine until you get to the neckline: the keyhole detail is created by taking a nice v-neck T and adding the ribbing from a crew-neck jumper to it. The model looks scared!
  • Pina colada: cap-sleeved t-shirt. A nice top given an interesting twist: the bottom welt is knit side-to-side and the top is knit in the round by picking up from the edge. One of the best pieces in this issue. NOTE: there is a really good associated article detailing technique to do with seamless knitting. Worth the price of the magazine if you don’t have other resources.
  • Sand Boy: stripy beach set for toddler. Nice t-shirt but white knitted summer shorts for a male toddler? I don’t think so!
  • Tailored Seed-stitch top: an old Vogue pattern. Strangely, the 1930’s version looks better than the 80’s Vogue photo. Nice, tailored garment. But then again, it is Vogue!
  • True Blue: chevron crocheted sleeveless top. Cropped (again, again) but otherwise a really nice top. Not being a crocheter as such, I can’t really pass much more judgment.

Plus: A couple of articles/reviews/love-ins, the best of which is part 2 of a Seamless knitting course and “Knitting with handspun yarns” which is quite apposite for me.

Now for the knitting I did:

Lotus Blossom:

Sockapal2za socks:

I don’t shrug.

This is what happens when you listen radio commentary of England beating Australia in the cricket!

So, all in all a good holiday; lots of knitting got done, as did lots of OU work (I finished a book on modelling epidemics in three days – it was supposed to take me a week!).

From here-on-in the knitting progress will be getting slower as my work-load increases, but after the middle of October (end of exam season) things will pick-up.

Be good to yourselves, and each other! TTFN.