Oops, I bought more yarn!

This is for the I Do shrug from knitty. However, since me and the “M-word” aren’t likely to be acquainted anytime soon (despite an offer from someone called Asif who saw my pictures in the Ample Knitter’s list gallery!) I’ll be calling it the “I Don’t” shrug. The yarn came from a bricks-and-mortar yarn shop (yes, dear reader, I actually left the house and bought some yarn).

EDIT: Has anyone charted the lace patterns for this? I asked on the knittyboard and got a “I know I haven’t, maybe somebody else has” answer. I need a chart! (I can do it myself, but it will take ages and probably be rubbish)

Chutes and Ladders socks with flash (left) and no flash (right). The former is closer to the true colour, the latter gives slightly better details on the texture. These are going quite slowly because I keep changing my mind about how to knit them (English, Continental, Combined) and those cables are quite fiddly. I’ll probably do another repeat and a half before doing the heel flap. I’m umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to carry the patterning down the foot. I’m thinking about what I’d wear them in (footwear-wise) and so they’ll probably end up being plain.

I finished the front of Mariposa:

[Lifted shamelessly from my Mariposa KAL blog entry]

I’m using Rowan Calmer (purple) and Jaeger Cadiz (cream/ecru). I worked twenty short rows for the bust and made the “skirt” part of the top about 1/2″ shorter than directed. I knit using the Princess sizing and the bottom edge worked out at 22″ exactly; I’m really pleased with that!

To make absolutely sure that the backs overlap, I’m knitting the first couple of inches of the backs on US8s (as opposed to US7s) to decrease my stitches per inch.

I’ll probably post once more before I go on holiday to the ever-exotic Wales. If anyone wants a sheep or two, let me know!