Nothin but a T-shirt is done and dusted. Although in typical fashion it has now got warm and humid and I can’t wear it without melting!


If I look slightly strange in the picture it’s becuase I was just about to tumble forward having stepped off a slightly raised flagstone! Click to enlarge, if you dare!


Ignore the back fat!

All the yarn info, modifications and more that you’d want to know on the project page here.

Thanks to nona for hosting a great knitalong! Only the third that I’ve actually managed to both start and finish! (The first was Alison’s Feburary Fix and the second was Ribbon X-back)

And I’ve also joined this
Dear me, what have I let myself in for?

Feel free to vote in the poll I had in my previous post, to help me decide what I should do with some yarn I’ve got sitting in my stash.


6 thoughts on “Ta-Da!!!!!!

  1. Your NBaT looks great… I love the modifications you made.

    Do you have any resources you could point me to that talk about converting sleeves to be knit down? That would be so helpful to be able to do with set-in sleeves.


  2. lovely colour! I am just about to frog the neckline on my NBaT as I am not happy with it and therefore won’t wear it. Mine is made in Debbie Bliss Cathay so hopefully it won’t be too warm to wear:-)


  3. For Leisel (I bet you get sick of people saying “I loved you in the Sound of Music!)
    I was given a book for Christmas one year called “Knitting from the Top” by Barbara Walker. In my opinion it is worth every penny (cent?). She gives instructions for knitting ANYTHING from the top down. Failing that – try Google – always my best friend!


  4. Welcome to Sockapal-2-za! I can’t wait to get started on the socks I’m going to make for you . . .

    BTW, what kind of scientist are you?


  5. Hi Secret Sock Pal!

    As of December 2007 I will be a scientist! Until then, I’m just a lowly science student (natural sciences with an emphasis on biology).

    And oohhh… hand made socks all for me!


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