Drive-by posting

Drive-by posting

Image-laden fast post (all pics are Javascript-enabled!).

I’ve joined a new ring: knitting scientists.

I’ve completed the front, back and neckband of Nothin’ but a T-shirt.

Front blocking (with rolled-up towel under short rows)

The moss-stitch neckband (worked in the round)

..and a teeny mistake..


My clematis is flowering


I’ve swatched for the Lotus Blossom Shawl (loving the colours)

My Star Trek socks are nearly done (and the Six Sox KAL will be continuing for another 12 months).

I’m beginning to love Oceanography more than I love Infectious Diseases!

Must learn to write in complete sentences. Will bring pictures of top-down sleeves and Martha next time. Star Trek socks will be done. Must study “Rossby waves” and try and understand it all!