So, two swatches and a 40 degree wash later (all pictures can be clicked on to enlarge them):

It turns out that cotton shrinks. Who knew?! Armed with this knowledge I have been ploughing on at the incredible rate of a row every two minutes. I’ve a feeling that this project is going to be a case of heart over head. My head says: “You have got to be kidding me? 28 stitches over 4″, and in a knit/purl lace pattern!”. My heart says: “Awww, but it will look so purdy, and I’ve always wanted a lacy 4-ply cotton cardigan. It will be so practical!”

Progress so far:

Right Side

And, because I love this kind of stuff, the wrong side (oooohhhh!)

Nothin’ but a Shirt news:

See – I told it was going quickly. And, yes, that really is the shape of my body. Wait until you see the front (there will be a lot of short row shaping).

I’ve also done a teeny swatch for the modified Honeymoon Cami I’ll be doing.

[flash image]

[no flash image]

And look what I got in post this morning, from The Knitting Zone (NAYY):

In there was a row counter (the kind that you hit to count on one), a Fiddlesticks Lotus Blossom shawl pattern, Fiber Trends Bella lace poncho pattern and two balls of Lana Grossa cotton/wool/nylon sock yarn. I’m now looking for a lace weight/light sport weight yarn in either merino wool, or cotton/viscose mix, for the Lotus Blossom shawl, that wont cripple me financially.

EDIT: I had a look at a yarn-comparison chart I had and it turns out the Country Silk (described as a “light sportweight”) is approximately equivalent to UK 4-ply. Therefore, it isn’t going to be as difficult as I thought to get hold of the right kind of yarn!

I’m getting into some heavy biochemistry in my work now, so my knitting is taking more of a back seat than normal. I’d recommend if you pop by here on a semi-regular basis to subscribe via Bloglines or BlogRoll just to make your life easier.

Next time:
I hope to show you progress on my Star Trek Go Team! socks, a completed t-shirt back, a few more rows on Martha, and the start of a self-designed pattern for a cotton Aran cardigan for my mum.


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