Just call me "Geek"

Just call me "Geek"

Today I give you geeky socks and a finished item.

But first: is it a bird? No! Is it a plane? No! It’s Hayfever Woman!

Today was the first day with a “high” pollen count. Woohoo!. Batten down the hatches.

I was going to keep the lettering on my Go Team! socks a secret until I’d finished both, but I surmised that would leave you waiting until mid May at the earliest (given the rate that I’m not knitting these days).

So, I give you my ultra-geeky socks (click for a bigger picture):

Yes, that does say Star Trek. Yes, I am a fan. And yes, I even liked Voyager. And gosh darn it I love Sci-Fi.

Ahhh, that feels better!

Unfortunately, the lettering hasn’t come out as clearly as I’d hoped. I managed to hit a patch of the black/white yarn just as I was nearing the top of the lettering. This meant that the contrast between the main colour and the contrast wasn’t great enough to allow the letters to “pop”. When I get to the same place in the second sock, I’ll remember to keep an eye out for that and take “necessary action”!

I’ve also finished Xback! It’s waaaay too cold to actually wear this outside (even with a t-shirt underneath), so I’m afraid all you get is a boring flat shot.

Good news! It was significantly warmer today so you get “real” pictures.



You may have noticed that it’s not so much of an X-back as a ll-back. Because I always have to wear a boulder-holder and my medieval torture device strapless bra is not always practical, I decided to alter the pattern.

Project details here.

Next Time: Nothin’ but a Shirt – modifications explained, and I might have finally cast on for Martha!

Good knitting!

2 thoughts on “Just call me "Geek"

  1. I like the Ribbon-llback or Xback. I too usually have to have a boulder holder, but I think I will make it cross-back style anyway and wear it with a strapless bra. But I probably won’t wear it all the time anyway. That’s if I get to it. Did it work up quickly?


  2. I’m a trek geek as well. I love Voyager and still don’t get why it gets so much flack. I just joined the 6 sox along and I’ve been trying to decide what to put on my go team socks, so I just had to post when I saw your socks. They look great!


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