I need a quick fix

I need a quick fix

But more on that later …

I present to you “Brigitte”!

Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, the seams add up to about seven miles in total and I’m still going. So instead you get a lovely picture of a crumpled cardigan:

(Click for a mattress stitch close-up – I hope!)

Full low down over on the project page.

I’m also zipping through the last of the “Six sox” socks: Go Team!

As usual, I’m working from the toe up, with a short-row heel and toe. I’m not going to reveal “my team” until I’ve finished them – it’s too geeky to admit just yet!

So, after working on a longline cardigan and 8 sts/1″ socks and with a fiddly 4-ply cotton cardigan coming up, I’m ready for something fast. Please step forward: Ribbon Xback from the Spring 05 edition of Knitty.

I have 10 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape sitting in my room (that’s it up there) and it’s been begging me to knit it up into something. I was part way through tossing around garment ideas in my head when up popped Xback. Of course, there will be one or two changes (I’m adding waist shaping and I’m undecided about the actual X of the Xback) but it’s still pretty much the same as the pattern.

So, next time: Brigitte will be finished, I promise.


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