I was just frontin’

I was just frontin’

Brigitte now has a back, two matching sleeves and a front left pocket! Ooh, it can’t get much more exciting than that, can it?

Take a look at this:

And this:

I know: thrilling, isn’t it! All I have to say is thank ITV1 for the James Bond season. Two hours of solid knitting time. I have seen all of the Bond films at least once, and would watch all of them again (with the exception of “Moonraker” – yuck!). I always wanted to be Bond when I was a little girl (of course, an intelligent, non-philandering, sensible, female version).

I’ve done the tension “square” for Martha and all is OK; right gauge on the right needles. I don’t actually appear to own a pair of 2.25 mm bamboo needles, so a pair of 2.5 mm will have to do! Being the miser that I am, I ripped the tension square back as soon as I’d finished it, so no pictures I’m afraid.

My plan for the fastening of Martha is to use press studs (a.k.a snaps), as wonderfully illustrated by Bonne Marie here. However, I’m a little reticent because I don’t like the idea of punching holes in my knitwear (I always have one eye on ripping back and reusing the yarn at some point in the future). I might still do the press stud thing, but use the sew-on ones, therefore negating the holes (I hope!). Or, I could do a more traditional knitted-on buttonband and therefore I’d only be punching holes in a small amount of yarn. Just thinking out loud again!

In sock news: I’m just about to change from the green stocking stitch to the purple in rib and then I’ll be done!

On a little additional note: I was doing some website house keeping and I launch I.E., just to check that it rendered correctly. Well, it didn’t :o( – none of the pictures were displayed. So, this is now fixed and I apologise to anyone who didn’t get to see project pictures of the links I posted. If there are any problems, just leave a comment or email me. But be gentle – the internet has changed so much since I first started using HTML about 10 years ago!


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