Oh, Martha: why did they name you thus?

Oh, Martha: why did they name you thus?

No, not that Martha …

… This Martha.

I’ve joined the “Martha-along” hosted over at Jessica’s place.

It’s all Bonne Marie’s fault : See the 10th of March entry. I already had the magazine (courtesy of my Rowan International subscription) and I nipped over to Jannette’s Rare Yarns on eBay, spied some discontinued 4-ply cotton in Olive, and away I’ve gone.

Whilst waiting for the yarn to arrive I did this:

A quick test in some baby acrylic to get a “feel” for the pattern. I think I’m going to like this. I’ve had to upsize (like I normally have to) but I don’t see this being too much of a problem.

I have to confess that until she was “banged up in chokey” I’d never heard of Martha Stewart (apart from a passing reference in “3rd Rock from the Sun”). I think the closest we come to her in Britain is Delia Smith (but on acid).

In sock news, I now have these:

Well, actually a bit more now, but you get the idea! Funnily enough, considering all of the problems I’ve had with the stashbuster socks, the numbers work quite well for doing the gusset increase/decrease as the child’s small size. I’m hoping that these will fit my mum perfectly. It’s a certain birthday and, quite frankly, these socks are going to be the best thing she’ll get (apart from the triple chocolate cake that I am now the master of). I’ll be making her a cotton long-line cabled cardigan, but since the yarn is currently somewhere over the Atlantic, that ain’t going to happen any time soon!

The back of my gargantuan cardigan (a.k.a. Brigitte) is now done, and I’ve cast on for the left front. Lovely pictures soon.

Ta-ra for now!


4 thoughts on “Oh, Martha: why did they name you thus?

  1. Hi. I found your blog through Fluffy Knitters webring. I’m relatively new to blogging and have been reading with great interest about the multitude of knitalongs out there. They sound like such fun. I haven’t found one that is right for me and still open or new enough that everyone is still interested.

    I love the little project symbols you have on the sidebar of your blog. Is the code for that available somewhere? I’d love to list my pojects on my blog. Thanks!


  2. I’m sorry I didn’t leave my email. How clumsy of me. Thanks for letting me know about indigirl. I’m going to see if I can get those project icons on my blog. Oh, then I’ll have to list all the things I’ve got going. That might be a shock to huge to bear ;-} Thanks again!



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