Round, round, baby, round, round*

Round, round, baby, round, round*

Well, I’m now in full possession of all the necessary yarn to make my Stashbuster Spiral Socks!

I’ve made it up past the toe (although I remain to be convinced that it’s the best toe for me) and I’m about to start on the wondrous jogless spirals.

The red blobs are my very own beaded stitch markers and the jagged, yellow blobs are a couple pins holding the socks in place.

And this is how I’m attempting to keep everything in hand:

I’m failing miserably! I have to untangle everything every other round, so I’m thinking of going back to a disorganised mess on the floor!

All the low-down on the socks (yarn, needles etc.) can be found on my “Socks 2005” page.

In other, more exciting, news I’ve had my first knitting pattern published! It is the top-down hat I made for my brother at Christmas. Lovely colour picture here. No money, but plenty of kudos! It’s in the March 2005 issue of “Slipknot”, the magazine of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. There’s a link on my side bar if you want to join up.

I wanted to end on a humourous note, so here goes:

This is a metal pencil case that I use for my knitting “odds ‘n’ sods”. On the back it says the pattern is called “Frogs in Tomato Juice”. As a vegetarian, eco-warrior, nature-lover I find this sickeningly funny!

Oh, and I’d like to say “Thank you” to my secret pal for indulging my paranoia about the whole SP programme (last year I sat timidly for two and a half months without a word and then an Angel had to be dispatched). Whoever you are, you are lovely!

*Lyrics courtesy of the Sugababes.


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