Ooo, la, la!

Ooo, la, la!

Tres bien, c’est magnifique!

I managed to order a French magazine, from France, in French. Not a big deal, you might think. Well, considering that I only got half a year into my French GCSE and I never kept my language skills up to scratch, I’m quite proud of myself!

So, with a weird serendipity look what should arrive on the same day:

Phildar Automne/Autumn 04/05 and February 2005 UK Knitting magazine

On the left: Phildar Automne 04/05. On the Right: the new monthly UK Knitting magazine.

Things I like from Phildar are:

I like the colour combinations/clashings in this, and it’s knit in lambswool – hmmm… soft.

This is the “pop” sweater as seen on Alison’s Blue Blog.

I like the asymmetry of the zip on the main body and the short zips on the cuffs.

Nothing really “grabbed” me in Knitting, but this one I could see myself making:

They call it a shawl, but since it’s seamed, I’d called it a poncho.

Next time? I might reveal my (very) long list of WIM – works in mind. I have a spreadsheet!

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