Postal Knitting

Postal Knitting

No, not like postal chess (knit one row, send it on, knit a row, send it on…)! I mean knitting something on behalf of someone, posting it to the person who requested it, and them sending it on to the intended recipient.

In my case, that means: me, my paternal grandmother, and her chiropodist (well, her as-yet-unborn baby).

It’s a v-neck cardigan with cables up the front, back and sleeves. I started on the sleeves and I’m now up to the raglan decreases. I love the stitch pattern. It’s basically a wrong-side broken rib, but it looks so sophisticated (to me, anyway).

baby set, lilac, cable, broken rib

I almost always knit both sleeves at the same time (even on adult garments) because of a few early “couple of rows short” incidents.

No more progress on Clapotis (or anything else for that matter), until the cardigan, mittens and hat are done. Wish me luck!


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