The first Annual Garment Count

The first Annual Garment Count

Happy new year? Well, with the end of 2004 being dominated by the Far-East/Asian Earthquake and tsunami disaster forgive me if I don’t feel like celebrating too furiously. For those in the UK, there is an umbrella organization called the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) that is running a campgain for funds. Go here to donate if you are able. As they say: “Every penny counts”.

So, because this is a knitting blog, I’ve compiled a pictorial tour of my year in knitting. I’ve a feeling that I’ve left a few things out, but never mind!

This is a run-down of the stuff I’ve made this year (with links to appropriate project pages where possible).

Broadstreet mittens (currently missing, presumed lost somewhere in Wales)

Cable Tee (Ample Knitters KAL)

Baby Charlie’s premmie set

A recycled-shirt crocheted bag

Dad’s Silk Garden Scarf

My “Grandad” jumper

Lace-panel waistcoat (self-designed)

Klaralund (the knit-along phenomena of the year)

Denim Ultra poncho/capelet

Regia Stretch Color toe-up socks

Wrap-top (the modifications only were done this year)

100% Australian wool wristwarmers

A domino-knit waistcoat

Top-down raglan jumper (man-sized)

Grannie’s mittens

Top-down hat

Camo snood/face cover

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