Aww, how cute!

Aww, how cute!

I was asked to knit some preemie stuff for my mum’s friend’s friend’s baby (still with me?) and these are the results:

I couldn’t get a good photo of the colour – it’s pale blue.

OK, some other stuff: it was brought to my attention by the lovely Emma that the blogger default for comment posting is for registered users only. Oops! I’ve now rectified that so anyone can post, so if you’ve tried in the past an couldn’t, you can now!

Secret Pal 3 is drawing to a close and I’ve really liked sending stuff to my pal, although I’m waiting to recieve my goodies – I can’t wait!

I’m still not sure about the shrug/shawl/bedjacket now. I’m thinking of either my own version of this as seen on Froggy or this as seen in Knitty – so another shrug or a waistcoat (vest)? I’ll mull it over because I’m still going strong on this:

and this:

and these:


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