Surprise! FO: Finlay the Firefox



Kit details: Finlay Fox kit by Barbara Prime, free with issue 36 of Knit Now.

Got the magazine on the 20th of June, cast on the next day and finished on the 23rd. And most of that was sewing and stuffing!

Wildlife Film-style!

Wildlife Film style!

This was a quick knit for me but I only worked on it a bit each day due to bathroom and shed-related renovations.

Shake ya tail feather?

Shake ya tail feather?

There are, shall we say, issues with the ears. Entirely my fault, but I sewed them on in the wrong place and they aren’t as perky as the designer intended.

I embroidered all the facial features with DK-weight black yarn, as opposed to using safety eyes as suggested in the pattern.

If I were to make this again I’d convert all pieces to knit in the round, except the ears.

...and one from the side

…and one from the side

And off he goes to live next to my dad’s computer to keep his Firefox browser company!

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I'm a knitting, sewing, crafting scientist with a list of chronic illnesses longer than my inflamed sciatic nerve!
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3 Responses to Surprise! FO: Finlay the Firefox

  1. sueantrobus says:

    Hello, your Findlay fox looks so cute, despite the ears. I have just started knitting him!

  2. 2paw says:

    Oh, very amusing Fox for the computer. Yes, I like things in the round rather then sewing up, especially if they ate tiny.

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