Memory like a thing … with holes … you know!

Took my photos nice and early today to get good light and then forgot to grab them off my camera and edit them to look all nice (hence the late post again!).

In my defence, I was helping my neighbour with her new Android smart-phone and then baking a gluten-free carrot cake for my mum.

So, progress on the socks:

Moody Socks. Sock 2 (right) finished up to clue 3 and Sock 1(left – yes, I know it’s confusing) about to begin the gusset decreases

And on Cria:

More rows than the last photo; this is progress!

Here’s a question for anyone who’s knit this pattern before, did the slipped stitches after the garter stitch band look different from each other on the wrong side?


Lovely line down one but not the other. The stitch on the left band is slipped on a right side row and on a wrong side row for the right. Small query and I don’t think it affects the bands, but just curious.

Music Monday tomorrow and I’m having trouble narrowing down my choices!

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About Amy P

I'm a knitting, sewing, crafting scientist with a list of chronic illnesses longer than my inflamed sciatic nerve!
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One Response to Memory like a thing … with holes … you know!

  1. 2paw says:

    You are making excellent time on the cardigan, I am no help. The socks are gorgeous, as usual!!!

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